OLookBook is a US-based company, we work with designers from all over the US and the world, meaning your items ship from all over the world. Our platform is for various emerging designers and the designers maintain full ownership of the products until the product is received. For specific questions about shipping, please reach out to the specified Designer/seller through our messaging platform or read their “about” on designer page where return and shipping information should be located.

Items can be sent from various couriers, depending on the designer. This includes USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. Please do check product details for delivery information before making your purchase.

All OLookBook Designers/ Sellers determine their return policy. You can locate this information on the designers page on the "About Tab" to learn about their return policy. All designers have 48 hours to receive order and change order status to processing. If status is not changed in 48 hours money will be returned to consumer. All notifications and updates will be located on your Olookbook account section “orders.”

Customers are responsible for paying local fees for taxes and customs duties.


Designers Page Return and Exchange Location and Helpful Information

  • Designers return and exchange policy? This is very important to include on your designers “about” tab in your profile your return policy. If you have planned out a good returns policy, list it in your “About” tab on your profile to reassure people and encourage them to buy from you to establish good customer service and build your brand. If you don't accept returns, it's just as important to have it visible on your page to avoid having customers contact you about a refund and maybe filing a dispute with PayPal if they aren't satisfied. Some information to include:
    • Under what circumstances you accept refunds (e.g. damaged, faulty, or if they just don't like it)
    • If there is a timeframe after which you will not accept returned items
    • If you require photos of damaged/faulty items
    • If you require items to be returned before you will ship a new one
    • Who will pay for the return shipping costs