Getting Ready To Sell

  1. Design The products you want to upload on OLookBook marketplace.

  2. Check your inventory, make sure that you know how many of the items you have available or could make in a timely matter and would like to upload to your OLookBook profile collections. Make sure that you know what different product variations will go under the listings. For example, if you have designed a prom gown that comes in 3 different colors, make sure you know what colors you have.

  3. Have available high-quality pictures of the items that you want to sell on OLookBook. Each listing should have a main picture, but you also should have pictures available of many different variations of the product. For example, if you are selling a coat in Black and Navy, make sure to include a photo of both colors for customers.

  4. Decide how you want to price your items. Remember OLookBook takes a percentage commission item sold before taxes and shipping based on the membership you signed up for, please check membership for percentages.

  5. Be ready to ship. You could start to receive orders within hours after listing your products on OLookBook, so you should be ready to receive and ship orders. If you fulfill your orders yourself, have the appropriate shipping materials available to ship your product within 24 hours or agree upon shipment time.  We understand items are being custom made which may take precious time.

  6. Note: Although you will see your products listed and approved in your designer center, it could take up to 1 hour before these products appear live to customers.

  7. Make sure your STRIPE is connected to OLookBook in order for you to get paid for your orders.

  8. All tax should be included on all items.  Make a note on About Tab that all items include shipping cost. 

  9. Make sure your Return Policy and any useful information for your customers are located in your About Tab on your profile.  Remember you are running your own fashion business be professional. We want happy customers.

  10. Start selling and building your brand.