Return Policy?

OLookBook is a hosting website of emerging and independent designers. All returns are up to the designer degression. 

How and when do I recieve payment?

Its easy, all transactions is linked to your stripe account all funds willl be held  on the account until  withdrawals are made,  all funds will be sent to your STRIPE account linked to your personal banking account. Lucky You, what you withdraw is all yours.  All percentages will be taken out during checkout.  When? Its all up to you, just go to your designer panel,  click settings and click withdraw tab to begin.

How long does it take to receive my items?

All clothing is coming directly from the designer and is custom made clothing it takes precious time to create customized garments.  Designers will communicate the time frame for the garment to be ready and shipped.  Designers are responsible to communicate shipping time frame and details with the customer.

How do I become a designer?

Its easy sign-up today on the website for self manage accounts.

Do I have to manage my account?

We offer full account management. With the dynamic capabilities of our website, you can enjoy the luxury of doing what you love best; focus on creating and inventing new garments while making money.

Designers:  Where do I put my Return Policy?

Designers should display their return policy in their "about tab" on their profile.  Here is some useful inforfmation to building your designer profile, and to establishing good customer service. 

Designers return and exchange policy? 

This is very important to include on your designers “about” tab in your profile your return policy. If you have planned out a good returns policy, list it in your “About” tab on your profile to reassure people and encourage them to buy from you to establish good customer service and build your brand. If you don't accept returns, it's just as important to have it visible on your page to avoid having customers contact you about a refund and maybe filing a dispute with Stripe if they aren't satisfied. Some information to include:

  • Under what circumstances you accept refunds (e.g. damaged, faulty, or if they just don't like it)
  • If there is a timeframe after which you will not accept returned items
  • If you require photos of damaged/faulty items
  • If you require items to be returned before you will ship a new one
  • Who will pay for the return shipping costs